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Welcome to Project Aiko

This is the official Project Aiko website which talks about the making of a Yumecom called Aiko (Yumecom = Dream Computer Robot). The original goal of Aiko was to help our aging population to do simple tasks like make tea and coffee, tell them the weather, read a magazine or remind them to take their medication at the correct time. Aiko is the first android to react to physical stimuli and mimic pain. This technology could be applied to people who have undergone amputations. Aiko is the first step towards a life-like mechanical limb that has the ability to feel physical sensations.

Aiko was built in my basement using credit card loans and my entire savings account as funding. One of my dreams is to make Aiko walk and do other house chores. I cannot do this without your donations and support. The donations will go towards new motors, sensors and mainboards to design Aiko’s new arm and leg systems.

"If we make something perfect, then we have fail.  New Innovation comes from imagination, inspiration, and fixing our mistakes".
 Dr. Le, T.

NEW: Fun Raised and You can buy Aiko Arm System from Indiegogo: click Here


I was raised and educated in Canada and feel I have a deep connection with this country. Therefore, all future mass production of Aiko’s sisters will be built in Canada. I want to give back jobs to skilled Canadian people and keep Aiko technology within Canada.

News : June 25/2013

New: Aiko New Hand V2

Update: with facial expression Click Here