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Welcome to Project Aiko Video & Picture Gallery

Want to have your company logo on Aiko! Have Aiko wears the clothes you designed or sale. 
Great Exposure!!!

Can NOT be blue jean. (Doesn't go well with silicone, it will leave blue mark)

Aiko size: Height: 152cm Bust: 82cm Waist: 57cm Hip: 84cm


Aiko Video Demo

Aiko New Facial Expression Ver 2.0 August 8, 2012

Aiko in Oakley Promotional Video January 8, 2011

Aiko New Face 3D recognition and new voice demonstration December 17, 2010

Artificial Tongue for Aiko or human prototype 1 March 14, 2010

Aiko's BRAINS Software 3-D Object Demo August 24, 2009

Demostration of the BRAINS software.

Aiko's BRAINS Software August 19, 2009

Demostration of the BRAINS software.

Aiko Singing March 20, 2009

Aiko singing opening theme song from Record of Lodoss War Anime. I have tried integrating Vocaloid with the BRAINS software for the first time. It doesn't go as well as I have hoped (too much echo), but it's a start.

Aiko Happy New Year Jan 1, 2009

Aiko in CNN news: Dec 10, 2008

Aiko at Ontario Science Center: November 22-23, 2008

Aiko's first U.S public appearance: September 26-28, 2008

Aiko's Smaller Hand: August 25, 2008

Aiko's Hand: August 8, 2008

B.R.A.I.N.S software: July 19. 2008

Aiko in Japan News Feb 4, 2008


Aiko Gobal News Nov 2, 2007

Aiko City News Nov 3, 2007

Aiko Demostration: Sep 30, 2007

Aiko Demostration: June 22, 2007

Aiko Picture Gallery

Christmas&New Year

Aiko at HobbyShow 2009

Aiko Pink Long Dress

Aiko in Dinning Room

Aiko Outside Daytime

Aiko at  Ontario Science Center

Aiko Outside Evening

Aiko at  New York Anime Convention

Aiko at the park

Aiko with remote