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    Project Aiko Donation

I have been building robots as a hobby since I was very young. My latest creation is Aiko, which I constructed in my basement with no funding or sponsors. I did not fully finish Aiko the way I envisioned, simply because of financial restrictions. My dream is to make Aiko have full leg functionality and develop complete human-like hands. My estimated cost to make Aiko walk is about $ 12,000. I have decided to start a donations page for Aiko. One day, I hope to have enough money to make Aiko walk and move with full human capabilities.

    If you want to help bring Aiko to life, you can be part of this in many ways:

    1) If you are a fashion designer, you can have Aiko wears your clothes.

    Height 152cm Bust: 82cm Waist: 57cm Hip: 84cm
    Height 5 ft Bust: 32" Waist: 23" Hip: 33"
    Size 8-10, B Cup (I think)

    2) Any amount can be donated through Paypal. 

    My priority for the donated money will go into the following research:

    1) Sensation on Aiko’s Face (Done)
    2) Taste Buds (to distinguish between different drinks) ($1000 estimate)
    3) Proper hands for Aiko (Final Stage))
    4) Make Aiko walk ($12,000 estimate)




    Your donations help Aiko become a reality. With even as little as $ 5, you will be a part of history in the making

    Donation: Any amount through Paypal




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